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LAIZESKE LA8 Smart Robot Cameraman 360°Auto Tracking Phone Holder AI Gesture Recognition




360°Infinite horizontal rotation
Face and body tracking
No need to download APP or Bluetooth connection
AI Gesture recognition
Perfect for VLOG/live streaming/recording video




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smart tracking phone holder


AI Guesture Smart Tracking Holder
Easy Operation|Hands Free|Intelligent Shooting
LAIZESKE LA8 is a 360° infinite horizontal rotation smart phone tracking gimbal, it is built-in smart tracking camera so does not require you to download any apps or establish a Bluetooth connection, just power on the device and use. It can track facial and body movement, following the person/object via AI in full 360 degree motion, and also can 26° pitch adjustment. Make you hands-free photos or shooting vlog & live-stream, you can record your life with friends or family and share your videos straight away to YouTube/Facebook/Instagram and other social media anywhere anytime. Support 1/4 tripod for a wider field of vision.

liv streamingholder


Exquisite and Compact
The LA8 with compact and exquisite design. The adjustable knob on the top can fix the phone well, one key to power on and use, 1/4" universal interface which can be used for the most tripod. It is very easy to operate and convenient to carry.

mini smart holder


No APP Download and Bluetooth Connection Required
Easier and More Convenient
Due to the smart built-in tracking camera, the LA8 does not require you to download any APP or establish a Bluetooth connection, just power on the device and make an “OK” gesture to start the follow-shot with the green indicator on, easy to operate.

no app need holder


360°Rotation Auto Tracking
Capture and Record Every Exciting Moment
The smart tracking holder can recognize face/body and 360° auto-rotate with your movement to track and shoot real-time objects, and supports 16°upward flip, 10° downward flip. Wherever you go, the LA8 follows, auto tracking always keeps you in view, capture and record every exciting moment.

vlog shooting phone holder


Built-in AI Recognition Camera, Smart Gesture Operation
Smooth Out Tracking, Easy to Use
The power built-in AI recognition camera supports quickly recognize operation gestures and automatically track face and body, allowing you to keep the best position in the video. Make an “OK” gesture to start the follow shot, and make a “Palm”gesture to pause the follow shot.

guesture recognition holder

AI guesture phone holder

Portrait and Landscape Mode Optional
Record a Different World
The LA8 works in both portrait and landscape mode. Provide multiple angles for shooting, suitable for various scenes such as Vlog shooting.

smart tracking holder


Vlog Shooting, Recording The Good Life
This smart tracking holder can free your hands, and you can selfie vlog shoot without others' help.

face body tracking holder


Live Stream on Multi-Platform via APP of Your Phone
Level Up Your Creation
Using the APPs on your phone, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more, choose the Live Mode and start a live stream on the platform you like. The LA8 will smoothly rotate to track your face when you move during live stream so that you will always be in the sight of your followers and allows you to interact with them well.

mutlple platform phone holder


Smart Follow Video Call
Show Every Move While You're Calling
Bring auto tracking to your video call with LA8. You can chat with your family or friends freely while you are cooking or doing other things, showing them every move.

smart video call holder


Adjustable Clamp
Compatible with Cell Phones and Tablets
The adjustable clamp of LA8 can be compatible with cell phones and tablets, maximum supports about 12.5mm thickness.

phone clip holder


Type-C + 2500mAh Battery
Fast Charging and Stay Work
The LA8 equipped with Type-C interface and built in 2500mAh Battery, that can be fast charging, and the continuous working time about 3 hours once charging.
type ccharging holder


1/4” Universal Connector
Use with a tripod for a wider field of vision
At the bottom of LA8 with a 1/4” universal screw thread, it can be used for most tripod.
universal mounting thread holder



Key Features:

* No need to download APP or Bluetooth connection, one key power on and use.
* 360°Infinite horizontal rotation, capture and record every exciting moment.
* Face and body tracking, allowing you always in the middle position.
* Supports Horizontal and Vertical switch for phone, record a different world.
* Built-in AI recognition camera, smart gesture operation, easy to use.
* Smart follow video call, VLOG shooting recording the good life
* Live stream on multi-platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more via APP of your phone.
* 1/4 Universal screw thread, use with a tripod for a wider field of vision.
* Type-C fast charging + bulit in 2500mAh, continuous working about 3 hours.


Technical Parameters
 Model  LA8
 Product Load  380g (max.)
 Net Weight  334g
 Unit Size  108L*108W*104H(mm)
 Support Phone Thickness  12.5mm (max.)
 Mechanical Angle

 360° Horizontal rotation

 16° Upward rotation

 10° Downward rotation

 Battery Capacity  2500mAh


Packaging Information
 Size of Color Box  124L*124W*106H (mm)
 Outer Carton QTY  32PCS
 Size of Outer Carton  515*515*235mm
 Gross Weight  18.1kgs







Packaging List:
 Smart robot cameraman
1× Type-C charging cable
1× User Manaul
Color Box